Ferr2D Terrain Quickstart

The basics of the tool are remarkably simple! You add a 2D terrain chunk in, using either the menu (GameObject->Create Ferr2D Terrain), or with the shortcuts (Ctrl+T, or Ctrl+Shift+T for terrain without colliders on).

The menu that pops up after this will have a list of all the Terrain Materials in your project, and you simply want to pick the one that’s best for the situation!

Once the terrain is in, you can drag points around to move them, click on the + buttons at the midpoints to add exact midpoints, or Shift+Click to add new points anywhere. You can also Alt+Click any point to delete it, and Ctrl+Drag to do grid snapping!

The scene toolbar gives you extra options for editing and viewing your terrain! The first three buttons change what the tabs do, override edge direction, edge scale, and hide tabs. Snap Global/Local/Relative changes what grid space the Ctrl snap snaps to, and Smart Snap will snap path points to the axes of other path points on the terrain whenever it's enabled. The last three options display or hide extra visual information about the terrain!

Here's a quick list of shortcuts you can use with Ferr2D Terrain:

  • CTRL +Click: add terrain object
  • SHIFT+Click: add path point
  • ALT  +Click: removes path points, or resets tabs
  • CTRL +Click: snap move points
  • CTRL +Q:     override tab mode
  • CTRL +W:     scale tab mode
  • CTRL +E:     hide tabs