Ferr2D Terrain Tool

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Ferr2D Terrain Tool allows you to quickly create a 2D level. No tile-sets, no placing tons of objects, no manually tweaking piles of collider objects. Just pick or create a terrain material, and set up a path! Edges switch texture automatically, and colliders create themselves!

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Streamlined workflow, for fast creation of environments!

Fast, mobile friendly shaders! Support for 2D lighting per pixel or per-vertex, with tools for adding lighting vertices! Also includes tinted unlit shaders for runtime color changes, and wavy shaders that will add some extra motion to your scene!

Pipe-type terrain objects and path point scaling! You can modify the size of the terrain at each point! This allows you to easily add extra visual variety to your environment, or extra bumps and lumps for the player to roll over!

Ctrl+Shift to drag-select multiple points and move, delete, or adjust their tabs in bulk!

Curved terrain edges, and overrides for when the auto edge picker doesn't match your vision!

Even more granular control, you can override the individual sprites along the edges! If the randomly selected sprites aren't what you need, feel free to go edit them by hand.

Vertex color features that allow for edge distance or angle based gradients. Ferr2D even supports vertex painting tools like Ferr Vertex Painter, and can preserve painted vertex colors even through mesh rebuilds!

Edges stay the correct size, avoiding warping and texture stretching, even at extreme angles!

And plenty more!