Ferr2D Terrain

Ferr2D Terrain is a Unity3D extension for quickly creating the foundation of your environments! With a couple of clicks, you can have a beautiful, fully interactive 2D/2.5D level.

On the asset store since 2013, Ferr2D is a battle tested tool used by thousands of developers all over the world! Give it a try, and you'll fall in love with level design all over again.

See the full list of features, peek at the video tutorials to see how easy it is, or check out some demos to see Ferr2D in action!

Ferr Vertex Painter

Ferr Vertex Painter is a streamlined, intuitive tool for painting mesh vertex colors in Unity! While Vertex Painter is primarily geared towards texture channel blending, it can also paint flow or color data, and has extra hooks allowing you to paint whatever data you want!

While designed to work in any environment, Vertex Painter also integrates closely with other Ferrlib tools! Take advantage of fill split options on Ferr2D and SuperCube, as well as their robust vertex color preservation techniques!

Check out the tutorial videos to see how easy the controls are, check out some demos using Vertex Painter, or dive right in with the quickstart tutorial!

Ferr SuperCube

SuperCube is a Unity cube replacement that streamlines level design and prototyping, making everything fast, simple, and intuitive! Additional tools let you change UV types, apply materials to individual sides, optimize the scene by merging meshes, remove unwanted faces, and make good looking, blazing fast vertex lighting!

Also an excellent tool to combine with Ferr Vertex Painter, SuperCube objects have vertex splitting features and vertex color preservation algorithms that make them excellent surfaces for painting on!

Check out live demos and a level building time-lapse to see Ferr SuperCube in action, or check out the video tutorials and quickstart to dive right in!

Ferr Pixel Filter

Ferr Pixel is a set of fast and efficient pixelation tools, including a pixelization image effect with a variety of methods for determining pixel count, and a set of incredibly easy to use pixel snapping components for the camera and moving scene objects! Keep your pixels crunchy and stable :)

A great tool for de-makes, low-rez 3d games, or any game where a low, consistent resolution is needed!

Check out Ferr Pixel in action, or see how easy it is to use in the video tutorials or quickstart doc!