Ferr2D Terrain 1.0.8 just went live on the Unity Asset Store! After 5 months of hard work, we've got quite a pile of new features ready for you!


Wooh boy, long overdue, but better late than never! Ctrl+Shift to drag-select multiple points and move, delete, or adjust their tabs in bulk!

Path point scaling

You can now modify the size of the terrain at each point! This allows you to easily add extra visual variety to your environment, or extra bumps and lumps for the player to roll over!

Improved UI

The new scene toolbar allows for faster access to helpful information, settings and commands!

Improved snapping and smart snapping

Smart snapping helps you snap to other points on your terrain, perfect for non-organic terrain, or just cases where you need things to be level! A selection of regular snapping modes also helps you with your level design! Snapping is now attatched to Ctrl, with Alt taking the place of the Delete/Reset shortcut.

New shaders

Basic 2D lighting with point lights and lightmapping is in! New additions also include material tinted unlit shaders for runtime color changes, and a wavy shader that will add some extra motion to your scene!

There's plenty of other new features not mentioned here, but we've also done some major additions to our video tutorials, so check those out too!

Enjoy it, and go make some cool stuff! =D


New site!

@koujaku - 9/30/2014

So, in honor of the upcoming new version of Ferr2D Terrain 1.0.8, we just migrated over to a new site that will let us do a couple of cool things!

The big feature is promo codes, and easy beta access! You'll soon be able to register your plugin on this site, and then have easy access to the downloads for old versions, current versions, and beta version! We won't be launching with this feature, but it will be along relatively soon~

Versioned documentation! 1.0.8 is very different from previous versions, different enough that we're re-doing a lot of the documentation! But hiding away the old stuff can be a pain for people who are still using the old versions, so, we can now keep it around =D

Now, we're also on the verge of releasing another two plugins, Ferr Blend/Paint, and Ferr Highlight, so ultimately, we just needed a good format that would let us showcase everything alongside themselves =D

So in the meantime, please enjoy a little web-demo of Ferr Highlight in action =D